RIG Cell Lite V1.1

Introducing our flagship product, RIG Cell Lite. A cellular-based IoT Board that is internet-ready and can connect anything to the internet.

Minimalistic Design
USB Plug & Play
Cellular Communication
Programmable Processor

how it works

You might be wondering, do I need to know coding? Just think of it as a gadget, but our’s is different. Here is how it works. Its should be simple. That's how a tech gadget should work.


Connect your RIG to a power source via USB Cable.


Upon power up it will automatically connect to the internet. Go to our online platform, and see as your first gadget is connected. Now, give it a name.


You've done it. Build. Control. Monitor...or play with it however you like.

The Benefits

What's so cool about RIG? Here's to name a few.


RIG Cell Lite was designed for the purpose of product innovation. Thus, the product is built with all the specification and requirement needed in developing product, specifically the IoT product


RIG Cell Lite is design based on minimalist concept, by striping away of all unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there, which directly concentrating to IoT functions


By stripping all the unnecessary element, excess components and size can be reduce, thus cost of manufacture also can be reduce making the selling price cheaper from others competitor of IoT development board


All of the designs, codes and circuitry of RIG Cell Lite are opensource and can be freely used in your products to encourage innovation of IoT infrastructure


By making the product opensource, RIG Cell lite will not be left in technology advancement, as the community itself would provide idea, design and insight to upgrade the product as they require more when the explore further about RIG Cell Lite in IoT industry

Build Products

With this you could build your own IoT Product and mass produce with little barrier for costs and development time.

MiCE GPS Tracker

A GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system for vehicles in campus and institutions complete with onboard telematics.

CAREN Internet Extension Socket

An extension socket that you could control from anywhere around the world and track your electricity usage.

SEKITAR Environmental & Smart City Device

Know what's in your environment, collect data and let an AI help you to better manage your smart city.

Panic Button Security Node

A panic button to call for help during emergencies or for immediate response.

CRETA Self Driving Car Controller Box

A seld-driving car kit project that aims to provide a low cost solution be retrofitted into any car.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to holla@reka.com.my

Is RIG Cell Lite breadboard-friendly?

Yes. We designed it in a way that is easy to do rapid prototyping for any type of IoT projects.

What is the power source for RIG Cell Lite?

RIG Cell Lite can be powered up using any 6v power supply via your standard Micro USB Cable such as your computer USB port or even your powerbank for mobility.

How does RIG Cell Lite connect to the internet?

RIG Cell Lite connects to the internet using cellular network or GSM.

Do I need to any programming languange to play with RIG Cell Lite?

We provide step by step tutorials for beginners to start playing with RIG Cell Lite, starting from how to connect things to the internet without knowing any programming language to advance low-level hardware scripting for more experienced developers.

How many I/Os are available on RIG Cell Lite?

There are 6 I/Os currently available on RIG Cell Lite that can be used to connect with sensors and actuators.

What kind of environment or software do I use to code RIG Cell Lite?

RIG Cell Lite is programmable using your familiar Arduino IDE. We are also working on an online IDE for you to work and store your code in the cloud.

meet the team

We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Haziq Faris

Co-Founder and CEO

Khairul Muzzammil

Co-Founder and CRO

Muhajir Mustapa

Lead Developer, Antenna Specialist


3D Printer & Prototyper

RIG Mobile App Coming Soon

While RIG is connecting to the internet, you don't have to sit in front of your laptop just to watch your RIG do stuff, you could use our app to that for you, alerting you to incoming data, emails, messages and alerts.


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